Servo Press


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To satisfy the increasing demand of higher rolling speeds, Worcester Presses have developed a press targeting the pre-pierce side of the mill, which offers high output, with minimal maintenance.

Take advantage of the benefits:-

  • Individual stations, which can be signalled to cycle in milliseconds
  • High speed intermittent stroking
  • Fixed shut height and stroke (which allows standardisation of tooling)
Specification:-   Dimensions:-  
Model 35SD1 Height     1150mm
Tonnage 35 ton Width     480mm
Rated tonnage point 5mm Depth  2050mm
Strokes per minute; 180 Press spacing 500mm
Fixed stroke 13mm Table height   875mm
Fixed die height 191mm    
Bolster area 440 x 1000mm    
Slide plate area 300 x 700mm    
Bolster drop through hole 300 x 600mm    
Side window in frame (F-B)  640mm